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The 5th International Conference on Intelligent Human Systems Integration: Integrating People and Intelligent Systems (IHSI 2022) which will be held as Virtual Conference, February 22-24, 2022.

If you have any question about your presentation or poster then please contact Conference Administration with a detailed message at admin@ihsint.org

The IHSI 2022 Keynote speed will be held 22 February, 2022, Technical Sessions will be held on February 23-24, 2022.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2022 Wednesday, February 23, 2022 Thursday, February 24, 2022

13:30-15:00 (EST)
Plenary Session and Keynote
9:00-10:30 (EST)
Technical Sessions
9:00-10:30 (EST)
Technical Sessions
  11:00-12:3 (EST)
Technical Sessions
11:00-12:30 (EST)
Technical Sessions
  13:30 – 15:00 (EST)
Technical Sessions
13:30 – 15:00 (EST)
Technical Sessions
  10:30-17:00 (EST)
Poster Sessions
10:30-12:30 (EST)
Poster Sessions

Track Room
Tuesday, Feb 22
ALL Auditorium
13:30-15:00 (EST) Plenary Session and Keynote Address

ⓘ Virtual conference program schedule is listed in Eastern Standard Time (EDT) - New York Timezone

Track Room
SESSION 1 Automotive Design and Transportation Engineering IHSI 1 Roma
Wednesday, Feb 23 Session Chair(s): Lutz Fischer, Germany and Daniel Eisele, Germany

9:00 - 10:30 (EST) Factors influencing the perception of safety in automated vehicles interiors
      Lutz Fischer, Daniel Holder, Benedikt Weiss, Jonathan Kiessling, Florian Reichelt, Thomas Maier, Germany

External Human-Machine-Interfaces on Automated Vehicles: Which message and perspective do pedestrians in crossing situations understand best?
      Sebastian Ludwig Weiß, Daniel Eisele, Tibor Petzoldt, Germany

Biologically Inspired Automotive User Interfaces for Partially and Highly Automated Maneuver Gestures: Final Results and Outlook
      Nicolas Daniel Herzberger, Marcel Usai, Michael Preutenborbeck, Ronald Meyer, Gina Wessel, Frank Flemisch, Germany

Human Driver’s Reasoning on Moral Dilemma of Autonomous Vehicles: Values and Themes
      Gibbeum Lee, Namwoo Kang, Ji-Hyun Lee, South Korea

Predicting Takeover Quality in Conditionally Autonomous Vehicles based on Takeover Request Modalities, Driver Physiological State and the Environment
      Emmanuel De Salis, Quentin Meteier, Marine Capallera, Colin Pelletier, Leonardo Angelini, Omar Abou Khaled, Elena Mugellini, Marino Widmer, Stefano Carrino, Switzerland

Making wireless charging a reality: A real-world mixed methods evaluation of vehicle alignment
      Arun Ulahannan, Katie Zdanowicz, Cameron Bowie, Stewart Birrell, United Kingdom

Track Room
SESSION 2 Humans and Artificial Cognitive Systems I IHSI 2 Milan
Wednesday, Feb 23 Session Chair(s): Sergio Staab, Germany and Francesco  Burlando, Italy

9:00 - 10:30 (EST) Movement Recognition to Analyze Disease-Related Changes in Motor Skills of Dementia Patients
      Sergio Staab, Ludger Martin, Germany

SiRobotics – an assistive experimental robot
      Niccolò Casiddu, Francesco Burlando, Claudia Porfirione, Annapaola Vacanti, Italy

Enhancing the Computation of Barrier-free Routes via Crowdsourcing
      Bettina Harriehausen-Mühlbauer, Germany

A Business Process Model Driven Chatbot Architecture
      Toni Starčić, Srđan Daniel Simić, Aldo Ferlatti, Darko Etinger, Nikola Tankovic, Croatia

Examining the Mechanism of Concentration on Intellectual Works by Simulation Using Cognitive Architecture
      Kimi Ueda, Ryuhei Sakamoto, Hirotake Ishii, Hiroshi Shimoda, Fumiaki Obayashi, Junya Morita, Japan

The Recovery Effect in Work Efficiency by Temporary Stimulative Airflow
      Kyoto Ito, Yuta Tsuji, Hirotake Ishii, Hiroshi Shimoda, Kazuhiro Taniguchi, Fumiaki Obayashi, Japan

Neurodidactics technological tools
      Patricio Pérez-Silva, Kleber Pazos-Espinoza, Marco Páez-Andrade, Carlos Ramos Galarza, Ecuador

Track Room
SESSION 3 Intelligence, Technology and Analytics I IHSI 3 Palermo
Wednesday, Feb 23 Session Chair(s): Leon Reinsch, Germany and John Keith Wilson, United States

9:00 - 10:30 (EST) Ontologies - Introduction and practical approach to textile engineering
      Leon Reinsch, Christoph Greb, Thomas Gries, Germany

Predictive Data Analytics in Aviation Maintenance: A Cultural Perspective
      Bettina Mrusek, John K. Wilson, Jim Solti, Mark Reimann, Ken Witcher, United States

Smart Cities Strategies in Developing Countries: The Case of Lusail City, Qatar
      Mohamed Adalbi, M Salim Ferwati, Ahmad Mohammad Ahmad, Yong Cheol Lee, Qatar

Data-based quality analysis in machining production: A case study on sequencing time series for classification
      Amina Ziegenbein, Joachim Metternich, Germany

A Topic Modeling Approach for Exploring Attraction of Dark Souls Series Reviews on Steam
      Yang Yu, Ba Hung Nguyen, Duy Tai Dinh, Fangyu Yu, Tsutomu Fujinami, Van Nam Huynh, Japan

Probabilistic Approach to Modeling Human Behavior Based on Pupillary Response Control
      Oksana Isaeva, Victoria Moshkina, Marina Boronenko, Yura Boronenko, Russia

Analysis of technological maturity levels (TRL) in research projects and ecosystem of the Carchi State Polytechnic University
      Jairo Vladimir Hidalgo Guijarro, Lucy Antonella Villarreal García, Ramiro Fernando Urresta Yépez, Ecuador

Feasibility Study of the Implementation of IR Technology for the Recognition of Covid-19 Carriers in Public Places
      Miguel Angel Quiroz Martinez, Daniela Claudett Villalba, Monica Daniela Gomez Rios, Maikel Leyva, Ecuador

Track Room
SESSION 4 Computational Modeling and Simulation I IHSI 4 Florence
Wednesday, Feb 23 Session Chair(s): Dandan Kowarsch, United States and Marcel Caspar Baltzer, Germany

9:00 - 10:30 (EST) A System Dynamics Approach on Modeling Homeless Prevention Strategy: A Case Study of LA County
      Dandan Kowarsch, Zining Yang, United States

Balanced HSI for Energy – A System Dynamics Model for Energy Systems
      Marcel Baltzer, Marcel Usai, Frank Flemisch, Germany

Industrial Perspectives on Government Open Data Strategy Effectiveness
      Mona Mohamed, United States

From Emotion to Geometry: The Analysis of Tone in Written Communication as a Computational Design Tool
      Jorge Camba, Manuel Contero, David Pérez-López, United States

Dynamic Multi-Criteria Decision-Making for Identifying Vulnerable Communities for Emergency Planning
      Justine Caylor, Robert Hammell, United States

A CAD toolset for modeling and synthesis of technosphere safety systems using blockchain technology
      Georgii Kupriianov, Remir Solnitsev, Russia

Unsupervised Machine Learning for Pattern Identification in Occupational Accidents
      Fatemeh Davoudi Kakhki, Steven A Freeman, Gretchen A Mosher, United States

Track Room
SESSION 5 Humans and Artificial Systems Complexity I IHSI 5 Verona
Wednesday, Feb 23 Session Chair(s): Debora Di Caprio, Italy and Norbert L. Brodtmann, Germany

9:00 - 10:30 (EST) Identifying Complex Patterns in Online Information Retrieval Processes
      Debora Di Caprio, Francisco Javier Santos Arteaga, Italy

Dynamic Bézier Curves, New Findings on Reparameterization by Arc length
      Norbert L. Brodtmann, Daniel Schilberg, Germany

AI-based component management system for structured content creation, annotation, and publication
      Annalisa Barla, Marina Cuneo, Simone Roberto Nunzi, Giorgia Paniati, Andrea Vian, Italy

Gait Analysis for Rehabilitation using Rigid and Flexible Exoskeletons
      Robert Dizor, S M Mizanoor Rahman, Anil Raj, United States

Data Sources and the Uncertainty of Information (UoI) Experimental Research
      Adrienne Raglin, Aleah Emlet, Justine Caylor, John Richardson, Mark Mittrick, Somiya Metu, United States

The Construction of the Evaluation Index System of Children's Educational Game Learning Accessibility
      Xueying Yao, Tianyu Zhou, Yafeng Niu, China

10:30 - 11:00    Sessions Break

Track Room
SESSION 6 New Technologies and Inclusive Human Systems I IHSI 6 Roma
Wednesday, Feb 23 Session Chair(s): Martina Motta, Italy and Giulia Lo Scocco, Italy

11:00 - 12:30 (EST) Translating the creative process of knitwear design: going from manual to digital practices in a material-driven approach
      Martina Motta, Italy

The Digitalization of Knitwear: Towards a redefinition of the conventional design boundaries
      Giulia  Lo Scocco, Giovanni Maria Conti, Martina Motta, Italy

Bio-Augmented Materiality. Towards the Next Biomimicry
      Carmen Rotondi, Italy

Design through the layers: Smart textiles for contemporary design solutions and sustainable consumption processes
      Rossana Gaddi, Giovanni Maria Conti, Italy

The near (bio)future in design
      Sabrina Lucibello, Italy

Track Room
SESSION 7 Human-Autonomy Teaming I IHSI 7 Milan
Wednesday, Feb 23 Session Chair(s): Peta Chirgwin, Australia and Frank Flemisch, Germany

11:00 - 12:30 (EST) The future of skills in mining automation control rooms
      Peta Chirgwin, Australia

Are Rider-Horse or Centaurs intelligent Human Systems Integration? First Sketch of reversible and non-reversible human technology/machine/AI Symbiosis
      Frank Flemisch, Marcel Baltzer, Germany

Systematic Design of Cognitive Assistance Systems for Smart Factories
      Bastian Pokorni, Germany

Safety Analysis of EVTOL Landing In Urban Centers
      Sarah Borges, Moacyr Cardoso-Junior, Diogo Silva Castilho, Brazil

Autonomous driving: the role of agentivity to limit car sickness severity
      Eléonore Henry, Clément Bougard, Lionel Bringoux, Christophe Bourdin, France


SESSION 8 Applications and Future Trends I Track Room
Thursday, Feb 24 Session Chair(s): H. Patricia McKenna, Canada and Zih-Ling He, Taiwan
IHSI 8 Palermo
11:00 - 12:30 (EST) Ambient Theory for Smart Cities: Is It a Good Theory?
      H. Patricia Mckenna, Canada

Improvement of Robot Service Route
      Zih-Ling He, Jui-Hung Cheng, Jia-Hong Shen, Yu-Xuan Hsueh, Taiwan

Design and the appropriation of 3D printing techniques in the management of an innovative product system in the field of wind musical instruments
      Liliana Soares, Ermanno Aparo, Rita Almendra, Portugal

Occupational Safety and Health Affected by Climate Change: Future Challenges and Research Agenda
      Sari Tappura, Maria Linsholm, Finland

Health and occupational risks analysis in custom border offices
      Irina Severin, Gabriela Nalbitoru, Mihai Caramihai, Romania

Consumer acceptance of shared e-scooter services for short-distance mobility
      Fei-Hui Huang, Taiwan

The narrative design of the city spaces
      Peian Yao, Stefano Follesa, Italy

Track Room
SESSION 9 Automotive Design and Transportation Engineering II IHSI 1 Florence
Wednesday, Feb 23 Session Chair(s): Waldemar Titov, Germany and Fabian  Schmiel, Germany

11:00 - 12:30 (EST) Data-based usage analysis of shared e-scooters in the context of public transport
      Rafael Oehme, Waldemar Titov, Konstantin Krauss, Till Gnann, Thomas Schlegel, Germany

User-Centered Development and Evaluation of a Physical Ultrafast Charging Interface
      Fabian Schmiel, Simon Buck, Lampros Tsolakidis, Alexander Müller, Germany

Usability design of concrete grouting equipment
      Yuchen Xi, Xue Chen, China

Creating Tactile Interaction Surfaces for the Origo Steering Wheel Concept using CWI and EHWs
      Ahmed Farooq, Hasse Sinivaara, Mikko Laaksonen, Hanna Virtainen, Arto Hippula, Veikko Surakka, Roope Raisamo, Finland

Evaluation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas as a Fuel Input in a Mechanical Injection Diesel Internal Combustion Engine
      Fabian Sarmiento, Andrés Moran, Pablo Ron, Ecuador

Driver's perception of A-pillar blind area: Comparison of two different auditory feedback
      Chenxi Cao, China

Track Room
SESSION 10 Humans and Artificial Cognitive Systems II IHSI 2 Verona
Wednesday, Feb 23 Session Chair(s): Nicoletta Adamo, United States and Shuichi Fukuda, Japan

11:00 - 12:30 (EST) Micro-expressions in Animated Agents
      Tianyu Hou, Nicoletta Adamo, Nicholas Villani, United States

Instinct-Driven Engineering
      Shuichi Fukuda, Japan

Comparative Analysis of RGB-based Eye-Tracking  for Large-Scale Human-Machine Applications
      Nicholas Caporusso, Trung Cao, Brett Thaman, United States

The personal development of teachers and pupils within the context of health and safety in education
      Cestmir Serafin, Jana Depesova, Czech Republic

Parallelising CNNs and Transformers: A Cognitive-based approach for Automatic Recognition of Learners’ English Proficiency
      Meishu Song, Emilia Parada-Cabaleiro, Zijiang Yang, Xin Jing, Kazumasa Togami, Kun Qian, Björn Schuller, Yamamoto Yoshiharu, Germany

Demonstrator for a Collaborative Human-Robot Picking System
      Mathias Rieder, Norbert Bartneck, Germany

Virtual Environments in Learning the Biology of High School Students
      Marco Páez-Andrade, Kleber Pazos-Espinoza, Patricio Pérez-Silva, Carlos Ramos Galarza, Ecuador

12:30 - 13:30    Sessions Break

Track Room
SESSION 11 Intelligence, Technology and Analytics II IHSI 3 Roma
Wednesday, Feb 23 Session Chair(s): Fatemeh Davoudikakhki, United States and Ramona Schmid, Germany

13:30 -15:00 (EST) Comparative Study of Decision Tree Models for Bearing Fault Detection and Classification
      Armin Moghadam, Fatemeh Davoudi Kakhki, United States

Emotion recognition –  Validation of a measurement environment based on psychophysiological parameters
      Ramona Schmid, Linn Braunmiller, Lena Hansen, Christopher Schonert, Knut Möller, Verena Wagner-Hartl, Germany

Design of a VR-based training system for the evacuation of an engineering laboratory building
      Yulyana  Rodríguez Bautista, Juan Fernando Castro Medina, Diego Andrés Quintero Ardila, Carol Natalia Rangel Santamaría, Sebastian Alberto Peláez Gómez, Colombia

Data Driven Approach for Identification of Public Charging Locations Based on Users Charging Behavior Data
      Ariel Telpaz, Omer zerbib, Nadav Baron, Barak Hershkovitz, Israel

Automation of the wastewater reception process for fish protein production
      Blanca Topon-Visarrea, Andrés Moran, Mauricio Valle, Ecuador

Effective Application of Cloud Platform in Classroom Online Teaching
      Xuan Meng, Shiwen Hu, China

Building fire risk assessment based on machine learning
      Aiming Xu, Beibei Sun, China

Benchmarking of activation functions for breast cancer detection
      Miguel Angel Quiroz Martinez, Ronald Darío Montoya Guillén, Galo Enrique Valverde Landivar, Maikel Leyva, Ecuador

Track Room
SESSION 12 Computational Modeling and Simulation II IHSI 4 Milan
Wednesday, Feb 23 Session Chair(s): Naryn Samuel, United States and Dobrinka Peicheva, Bulgaria

13:30 -15:00 (EST) A Peer-to-Peer Psychological Support Corpus for Developing Conversational Agents in the context of Long-Distance Relationships
      Nicholas Caporusso, Naryn Samuel, Devyn Ferman, United States

Virtuality and Reality: The Digitalization of Societies and Possible Consequences
      Dobrinka Peicheva, Valentina Milenkova, Dilyana Keranova, Vladislava Lendzhova, Violeta Nikolova, Bulgaria

Generative Adversarial Network Algorithms in Art: Data Video
      Lai Man Tin, Hong Kong SAR China

Stress Analysis and Test of the Inner Drum of Cylinder Washing Machine Connected by Flanging Riveting
      Ying Liu, Yunfei Chen, China

Numerical simulation and impact test of hand-held vacuum cleaner dust collector
      Hao Song, Yan Zhang, China

Design and digital modeling of a blackberry pulp production plant.
      Eduardo Teneda Ramos, Lorena Cáceres Miranda, Leonardo Cuenca, José Varela-Aldás, Ecuador

Intelligent Systems For Mental Lexicon & Mental Representation
      Natalya Yanova, Russia

Track Room
SESSION 13 Humans and Artificial Systems Complexity II IHSI 5 Palermo
Wednesday, Feb 23 Session Chair(s): Johanna Silvennoinen, Finland and Benedetta Terenzi, Italy

13:30 -15:00 (EST) Emotional Information Space in Designing AI Technologies
      Johanna Silvennoinen, Pertti Saariluoma, Finland

Hybrid Territorial-Artificial Systems. Opportunities in Design for Territories
      Benedetta Terenzi, Italy

A Physical User Interface Description Language for Interface Digital Twins
      Nicholas Caporusso, Aryan Tandon, Samuel Sungmin Cho, Tewodros Amare, Sarah Neace, United States

The role of the AI availability and perceived risks on AI adoption and organizational values
      Maryam Alzaabi, Ahmed Shuhaiber, United Arab Emirates

Directive Management In Complex Systems to Promote the Level of Use of Techniques In Operations
      Lloyd Morris, Olga Jasmin Salazar De Morris, Hernán Espejo Viñán, Colombia

Track Room
SESSION 14 New Technologies and Inclusive Human Systems II IHSI 6 Florence
Wednesday, Feb 23 Session Chair(s): Andrea Marinelli, Italy and Katherine Hernández, Republic Ecuador

13:30 -15:00 (EST) HOYO – Shape Memory Alloys enable a new way to approach the treatment of the Autism Spectrum Disorder
      Alice De Nardi, Andrea Marinelli, Flavia Papile, Andrea Cadelli, Andrea Conte, Barbara Del Curto, Italy

Hybrid Sensory Surfaces: Biological meets Digital
      Lorena Trebbi, Chiara Del Gesso, Italy

Dematerialized meeting places and digital design for interaction and participation
      Raffaella Massacesi, Italy

High performance micromixers by 3D printing based on split-and-recombine modules and twisted-architecture microchannel
      Yuan Jiang, Yan Zhang, China

Pleasure and Suffering at Work in the Technical Act: A Case Study From a Garment Factory in a Context of Technological Transformation
      Liliana Cunha, Daniel Silva, Sarah Maggioli, Ana Correia De Barros, Catarina Correia, Fernando Ricaldoni, Susana Amorim Brito, Portugal

Assistive technology: Design and implementation of an eye tracking based electric wheelchair control system for children with cerebral palsy
      Katherine Hernandez, Veronica Salinas, Alexandra Bermeo, Fernando Estevez, Omar Alvarado Cando, Ecuador

Track Room
SESSION 15 Applications and Future Trends II IHSI 8 Verona
Wednesday, Feb 23 Session Chair(s): Anil Raj, United States and Masahiro Miki, Japan

13:30 -15:00 (EST) Exoskeleton Design Considerations based on the Lower Extremity Musculoskeletal Anatomy
      Robert Dizor, S M Mizanoor Rahman, Anil Raj, United States

Smartphone based accurate touch operations on an AR desktop
      Masahiro Miki, Munehiro Takimoto, Yasushi Kambayashi, Japan

Cognitive Mimetics for Designing Intelligent Industrial Systems: Case Next-Generation Diary
      Antero Karvonen, Olli Kuusisto, Pertti Saariluoma, Finland

Investigation of experimental methods for clarifying the mechanism of consensus building
      Mizuki Yamawaki, Yoshiki Sakamoto, Rieko Yamamoto, Kimi Ueda, Hirotake Ishii, Hiroshi Shimoda, Kyoto Ito, Japan

Credit classification using regulation techniques on the Credit German database
      Sebastian Sosa, Priscila Rivera, Cristhian Nicolas Aldana Yarleque, Yesenia Saavedra Navarro, Luis Ramón Trelles Pozo, Gustavo  Mendoza, Peru

A Framework for Usability Testing using EEG Signals with Emotion Recognition
      Arwa Aledaily, Soffien Gannoun, Hatim Aboalsamh, Kais Belwafi, Saudi Arabia

Development of a smart clamping control for milling machines
      Elke Hergenroether, Jonas Bien, Thomas Lagemann, Sven Appel, Jakob Wagner, Julius Weihe, Marina Dervisopoulos, Germany

15:00 (EST) - 15:30    Sessions Break

Track Room
SESSION 16 Humans and Artificial Cognitive Systems III IHSI 2 Roma
Thursday, Feb 24 Session Chair(s): Shrikant Pawar, USA

9:00 - 10:30 (EST) Naturality and non-transparency of technology in the age of intelligent voice assistants
      Jaroslaw Kowalski, Cezary Biele, Kazimierz Krzysztofek, Poland

Attributes of fuzzy logic and neural networks
      Shrikant Pawar, United States

Investigating users’ color perception in optical see-through augmented reality:The Effect of ambient light on interface color
      Yuan Cao, Xiaozhou Zhou, China

Investigating the effect of targets’ spatial distribution on the performance of gesture interaction in virtual reality environment
      Kai Chen, Xiaozhou Zhou, Chengqi Xue, China

The Differences between Eye Control and Touch Games on Children's Learning
      Lang Xiao, Yafeng Niu, Tianyu Zhou, Wenjun Yang, China

The mapping relationship between PERCLOS and work fatigue: a correlation verification experiment based on radial basis function neural network
      Ziyu Yao, Xiaozhou Zhou, Jichen Han, Hao Qin, Hanyang Xu, China

Hearing loss, mobile applications and inclusive social environments: Approach to learning sign language for children without disabilities
      Jose  Oleas Orozco, Angel Mena, Daniel Ripalda, Ecuador

Track Room
SESSION 17 Intelligence, Technology and Analytics III IHSI 3 Milan
Thursday, Feb 24 Session Chair(s): Galia  Kondova, Switzerland and Daniel  Silva, Portugal

9:00 - 10:30 (EST) Distributed Ledger Technology in Autonomous Driving:  A Security Protection Layer
      Nicola Raemy, Galia  Kondova , Switzerland

Who really wants automated vehicles? Determinant factors of acceptability profiles in Portugal
      Liliana Cunha, Daniel Silva, Daniela Monteiro, Sara Ferreira, António Lobo, António Couto, Anabela Simões, Catarina Neto, Portugal

Intelligent RAN Slicing Orchestration Framework For Healthcare Application in 5G
      Srikanth Sailada, Anil Gupta, Suresh V, Vineeth Aitipamula, India

Psychophysiological parameters for emotion recognition –  Conception and first evaluation of a measurement environment
      Ruben Weber, Jonas Birkle, Knut Möller, Verena Wagner-Hartl, Germany

Real-time Visual Analytics for Remote Patient’s Health Monitoring
      Maryam boumrah, Samir Garbaya, Amina Radgui, Morocco

Postural Dashboards: Using Analytics to Improve the Understanding and Diagnosis of Musculoskeletal Pain
      Rafael Andre, Brazil

Problems and perspectives of digital connectivity in Central Asia
      Zhanat Zakiyeva, Kazakhstan

Industrial Innovation Brain, to Help Transform and Upgrade Traditional Industries
      Qing Cao, China

Track Room
SESSION 18 Computational Modeling and Simulation III IHSI 4 Palermo
Thursday, Feb 24 Session Chair(s): Yulia Morozova, Russia and Junhui Fei, China

9:00 - 10:30 (EST) Cognitive Mapping of Strategic Development in the Agricultural Sector
      Yulia Morozova, Russia

Quantitative evaluation method of small and medium-sized residential layout
      Junhui Fei, Beibei Sun, China

Noise pattern definition methodology for noise cancellation in coughs signals using an adaptive filter
      Santiago Felipe Luna Romero, Christian Salamea Palacios, Ecuador

On the use of HTK as isolated word recognition system for industrial process using TCP-IP architecture
      Santiago Felipe Luna Romero, Christian Salamea Palacios, Ecuador

Design and Simulation of Lower-Limb Exoskeleton to Assist Elderly and Disabled People Stand and Walk
      Usama Umar, Hamza Shabbir Minhas, Noman  Naseer, Hammad Nazeer, Sohail Iqbal, Pakistan

Thermo-mechanical Coupling Analysis of T/R Module Based on HTCC Substrate
      Bi Zhang, Guoqing Yong, Changming Hu, Yan Zhang, Yunfei Chen, China

Simulation and Experiment of Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner Host Drop
      Peng Lu, Hao Song, Bi Zhang, Jie Wang, Qingmei Zhu, Yan Zhang, China

Virtual interactive design of yacht cabins based on Unity3D model
      Xiaoli LIU, Kailin Shi, Wenjie Deng, China

Does Media Discourses mirror the Public Opinion?
      Heike Walterscheid, Veton Matioshi, Katarzyna Wisniewiecka-Brueckner, Klaus Rothenhaeusler, Frank Eckardt, Germany

12:30 - 13:30    Sessions Break

Track Room
SESSION 19 Humans and Artificial Systems Complexity III IHSI 5 Florence
Thursday, Feb 24 Session Chair(s): Lorena Olmos Pineda, Mexico and Lorena Olmos Pineda, Mexico

9:00 - 10:30 (EST) Relationship of Emotional Responses with the Activation of Sensory Mechanisms during Interaction Processes with Virtual Products of Mass Distribution
      Lorena Olmos Pineda, Jorge Gil Tejeda, Mexico

The Effects of Visual or Auditory Interruption on Task Performance - Combination of Behavior Data and Eye Movement Analysis
      Huimei Jing, Xiaoxi Du, Xiaozhou Zhou, ChengQi Xue, China

Ergonomic Evaluation Index System for Fighter Planes Cockpit Touch Screens
      Fei Wang, Wenzhe Tang, Ruoyu Hu, Zhiman Zhu, Xiuhang Xu, Chengqi Xue, China

Speech + Posture: A Method for Interaction with Multiple and Large Interactive Displays
      Xiaoxi Du, Lesong Jia, Weiye Xiao, Xiaozhou Zhou, Mu Tong, Jinchun Wu, Chengqi Xue, China

Cognitive Model for Probability Density Distribution Uncertainty Visualization
      Ruoyu Hu, Xinyue Wang, Haiyan Wang, Chengqi Xue, China

Transfer of Information Derived from the Content of Virtual Products of Mass Distribution
      Lorena Olmos Pineda, Jorge Gil Tejeda, Mexico

Track Room
SESSION 20 New Technologies and Inclusive Human Systems III IHSI 6 Verona
Thursday, Feb 24 Session Chair(s): Stefania Camplone, Italy

9:00 - 10:30 (EST) Sustainable materials and additive technologies: a new design perspective inspired by Nature
      Stefania Camplone, Italy

Smart help desk system for handling technical problems using Internet of Thing (IOT) environment
      Khalda Ali, Amir Mohamed, Saudi Arabia

Biobased materials and digital technologies for sustainable innovation
      Roberta Angari, Gabriele Pontillo, Carla Langella, Italy

“It’s time!” A Portuguese application for helping seniors with their medicines: A preliminary study
      Diana Carvalho, Tânia Rocha, Portugal

Fashion design out of waste: cradle to cradle dress
      Roberto Liberti, Rosanna Veneziano, Giuseppina Carozza, Italy

10:30 - 11:00    Sessions Break

Track Room
SESSION 21 Applications and Future Trends III IHSI 8 Roma
Thursday, Feb 24 Session Chair(s): Mārtiņš Danusēvičs, Latvia and Grzegorz  Banerski, Poland 

11:00 - 12:30 (EST) Modular construction cost forecasting design to support continuous construction system improvements
      Martins Danusevics, Liga Braslina, Daine Skiltere, Anda Batraga, Girts Braslins, Latvia

Ready, Steady, Go: professionally designed virtual reality physical training sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic
      Grzegorz Banerski, Katarzyna Abramczuk, Poland

Digital Environments for Biology Learning in High School
      Wilmer Quishpe, Mireya Zapata, Ecuador

Comparison of Arima and Holt-Winters forecasting models for time series of cereal production in Peru
      Humberto Saul Sernaque Herrera, Moly Dayana Meca Barreto, Eduardo Daniel Zapata Tavara, Berenise Nicol Marchan Domador, Junior Eduardo Medina Peña, Denis Alexis Nole Villalobos, Cristhian Nicolas Aldana Yarleque, Yesenia Saavedra Navarro, Luis Ramón Trelles Pozo, Nelson Chuquihuanca Yacsahuanca, Gustavo  Mendoza, Peru

Determinants of renewable and non-renewable energy demand and new trends in Peru
      Angie Gianella Valdiviezo Curipuma, Sarai Elizabeth Leon Vera, Santos Ebert Yanayaco Culquicondor, Yesenia Saavedra Navarro, Cristhian Nicolas Aldana Yarleque, Luis Ramón Trelles Pozo, Nelson Chuquihuanca Yacsahuanca, Gustavo  Mendoza, Peru

Agile Methodology in the textile Industry
      Maritzol Tenemaza, Carlos Sarzosa, Ecuador

Voice commerce - analyzing consumers´ acceptance of applications in beauty care as well as its impact on loyalty
      Silvia Zaharia, Germany

Track Room
SESSION 22 Humans and Artificial Cognitive Systems IV IHSI 2 Milan
Thursday, Feb 24 Session Chair(s): Ana  Alvarez , Ecuador and Zhen Zhang, China

11:00 - 12:30 (EST) Wearable biofluorometric gas sensor for era-canal ethanol
      Shota Suzuki, Kenta Iitani, Koji Toma, Takahiro Arakawa, Kohji Mitsubayashi, Japan

Ergonomic evaluation of aircraft maintenance based on VACP model
      Xiao Chen, Zhen Zhang, Xin Song, Xiang Xu, Jianwei Niu, China

Modeling of the laminating machine based on ergonomic studies for the manufacture of marzipan handicrafts
      Ana Alvarez Sanchez, Alexis Suàrez Del Villar Labastida, Anthony René Ango Venegas, Eric Martinez Tocoronte, Ecuador

Implementation of a Low-Cost Electroencephalography System for the Analysis of Neurological Biosignals for Neuropsychological Studies
      David  Bermeo , Daniel Urgilés, Génesis Vásquez, Omar Alvarado Cando, Diego Almeida- Galárraga, Ecuador

Developing a software for the affective image tests using eye tracking technology
      Juan Uguña, Juan Pablo Zúñiga, Andrea Barrera, Andrea Argudo, Omar Alvarado Cando, Alexandra Bermeo, Ecuador

Evaluation of the Readability and Legibility of Fonts on the Cockpit Interface
      Xia Shuang, Huang Shan, Haiyan Wang, China

The power of Affection: Exploring the key drivers of Customer loyalty in Virtual Reality-Enabled services.
      Ihtesham Ali, China

Track Room
SESSION 23 Applications and Future Trends IV IHSI 8 Palermo
Thursday, Feb 24 Session Chair(s): Luis Trelles, Peru and Donglin Wang, Same as country   

11:00 - 12:30 (EST) Detection of Outliers in The Peruvian Fruit Production Time Series Using Arima Models
      Manuel Chávez, Israel Chavez, Eduardo Torres, Sandro Atoche, Stefano Palacios, Luis Ramón Trelles Pozo, Yesenia Saavedra Navarro, Cristhian Nicolas Aldana Yarleque, Gustavo  Mendoza, Nelson Chuquihuanca Yacsahuanca, Peru

Designing and Evaluating of an iPad-based Reading Mode for Enhancing the Efficiency of Non-native Immersive Reading
      Donglin Wang, Yuning Qian, Jiong Fu, Hongli Jia, China

Design of Smart Household Beauty Apparatus Targeting the Young Consumers
      Xinhui Li, Jiong Fu, China

Comparing design behaviours between teams with the same design background and teams with different design backgrounds during brainstorming
      Yi Teng Shih, Hong Kong Sar China

Production of educational videogame from the design document
      Miguel Cobos, Daniel Ripalda, Ecuador

Art-technology: contributions to the future intertwining of creative actions
      Silvia Laurentiz, Brazil

Public consultation and social media - in the age of AI and BCI
      László Gábor Lovászy, Hungary

Track Room
SESSION 24 Humans and Artificial Cognitive Systems V IHSI 2 Florence
Thursday, Feb 24 Session Chair(s): Fabian Sturm, Germany and Charles Dormoy, France

11:00 - 12:30 (EST) Cognitive Computing potential for single-pilot operations for commercial planes
      Charles Dormoy, Jean-Marc Andre, Turkan Hentati, France

Investigation of driver's psychophysiological responses to the influences of driving time and rest break
      Oladele Benjamin  Afuye, Wafaa Saleh, Achille Fonzone, United Kingdom

Investigation of Urban Bus Passenger Discomfort: A case study for Edinburgh
      Oladele Benjamin  Afuye, Wafaa Saleh, Achille Fonzone, United Kingdom

A Hybrid Approach to MCDM Entropy - TOPSIS for the Selection of Machine Learning Classifiers for Software Defect Prediction
      Miguel Angel Quiroz Martinez, Eduardo Xavier Moreira Bermello, Wilmer Paul Carrillo Leon, Luis Briones, Ecuador

Track Room
SESSION 25 Applications and Future Trends V IHSI 8 Verona
Thursday, Feb 24 Session Chair(s): Liwei Chen, China and Lin Zhu, China

11:00 - 12:30 (EST) Layout Evaluation of Banner Interface Elements Based on Aesthetic Calculation
      Liwei Chen, Ning Zhang, China

Future Footprint: Explore the Unexpected Future from the Existing Signals Through the Prototype Inspiration
      Lin Zhu, Wentong Huang, Fu Zhiyong, China

Design of Point Pop-ups with Visual Representation based on Weather Map Interface
      Junkai Shao, Wenzhe tang, Bingqing Yang, ChengQi Xue, China

The Application of the Aesthetic Measures of Interface Layout in Drawing 2.5D Graphic
      Zhiman Zhu, Fei Wang, Ruoyu Hu, Ningyue Peng, Chengqi Xue, China

Are answers more important than questions? Planning an empathy design innovation course for elementary school students
      Jing Qiu, Jingyang Li, Zhao Xu, Ruonan Huang, Ruikang Wang, Lingjie Wu, Xiaojian Wu, Fan Yang, Zhejun Zhang, Vafa Asgarova, Wei Liu, China

12:30 - 13:30    Sessions Break

Track Room
SESSION 26 Applications and Future Trends VI IHSI 8 Roma
Thursday, Feb 24 Session Chair(s): Yibo Wang, China and Xiang Xu, China 

13:30 -15:00 (EST) Design of Smart Portable Sunshade for Thermal Comfort Improvement
      Yibo Wang, Jiao Xue, Xinyu Zhao, Xiao Hu, Chen Ze, Wen Shikang, China

Parametric modeling of digital human based on Unity
      Xiao Chen, Xiang Xu, Xin Song, Zhen Zhang, Jianwei Niu, China

Functional diversity: The need for technological accessibility in learning
      Karina  Delgado , Janio Jadan-Guerrero, Ecuador

Augmented Reality in Robotics Learning
      Fabian Noriega, Mireya Zapata, Ecuador

Design of interfaces for Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Applications
      Daniel Ripalda, Miguel Cobos, Mario Piedra, Yamirlis Gallar Perez, Ecuador

An overview of the development of cloud-based CAE software in the context of industrial Internet
      Shichao Meng, China

Interactive Learning Numbers Application Based on Augmented Reality
      Nigar Tuğbagül Altan, Oğuzkaan Sarıkaya, Turkey

Track Room
SESSION 27 Applications and Future Trends VII IHSI 8 Milan
Thursday, Feb 24 Session Chair(s): Shuang Liang, Italy and Min Zhou, Italy 

13:30 -15:00 (EST) Smart Healthcare Service System for Elderly Based on AIoMT
      Shuang Liang, Min  Zhou, Peian Yao, Francesca Tosi, China

New craft design in the digital age
      Min  Zhou, Shuang Liang, Peian Yao, Stefano Follesa, China

Pleasurable emotions of product design
      Xinying Wu, Ming-Gang Yang, Zishun Su, China

Design of Smart Curtain Based on Affordance
      Mi Tian, Jie Zhang, Ming Li, Xiaori Dong, China

Layout of Direct Input Interface Based on Virtual Space
      Helu Li, Xiaozhou Zhou, China

Application of Genetic Algorithm in data Visualization color matching realized by front-end
      Chuyu You, Beibei Sun, China

Sensory-perceptual attributes in the creation of the store's image: how they act on user behavior and improve physical retail experience
      Paulo Eduardo Tonin, Brazil

Track Room
SESSION 28 Applications and Future Trends VIII IHSI 8 Palermo
Thursday, Feb 24 Session Chair(s): Xia Liu, China and Lei Tang, China 

13:30 -15:00 (EST) Effect of color brightness change on interface balance
      Xia Liu, Yan Zhang, China

Optimal Design of Operating Interface in Slidform Paver’s Remote Controller
      Ziyue Huang, Yunfei Chen, Lei Tang, Qian Chen, China

The interface design of Chinese input keyboard  applied to eye movement control system
      Lei Tang, Yunfei Chen, Ziyue Huang, Qian Chen, China

Research on Key Elements of UI Design of Image Editing System Based on CSCW
      Qian Chen, Yunfei Chen, Ziyue Huang, Lei Tang, China

Interactive Application with Motion Comics In The School Bullying Awareness Process
      Eduardo Navas, Sebastian Armendariz, Ecuador

An exploration on stimulating  game developers' engagement using sandbox game development environment in higher education design courses
      Tengfei Xian, China

Track Room
SESSION 29 Applications and Future Trends IX IHSI 8 Florence
Thursday, Feb 24 Session Chair(s): Liwei Chen, Ning Zhang, China 

13:30 -15:00 (EST) Layout Evaluation of Banner Interface Elements Based on Esthetic Calculation
      Liwei Chen, Ning Zhang, China

Creative Product Design Based on Regional Culture: The Example of Tangshan Picture
      Tian Ge, China

The design of building a co-innovation community based on AR technology
      Yinying Tao, China

Research hotspots and trends of inclusive design based on bibliometrics
      Mingzhu Zhang, China

Cognitive Impairment Screening System Design for the Elder Users
      Shi Shuyuan, China

The Automatic Recommendation and Color Testing Method for Lip Gloss Based on Image Recognition
      Jin Liu, Yafeng Niu, Hongrui Zuo, Jiahao Wang, Lang Xiao, China

15:00 (EST) - 15:30    Sessions Break

Poster Demonstration Sessions:

SESSION A Poster Demonstration Session

Thursday, February 20 [10:30 - 12:30] (EST)

A-1 How do younger vs. older cyclists assess a cyclist warning system?
      Sabine Springer, Isabel Kreißig, Josef F. Krems, Germany

A-2 A user-centred terminology for existing and upcoming ICT devices, services and applications
      Martin Boecker, Omar Qawasmeh, Emmanuel Darmois, Germany

A-3 The use of smart glasses in the assembly industry can lead to an increase in the local maximum values of the forehead temperatures.
      Martin Laun, Daniel Friemert, Christian Czech, Ulrich Hartmann, Germany

A-4 Machine Learning improves use of Haptic Glove for engineers in Virtual Reality
      Kathrin Konkol, Andreas Geiger, Tim Ginzler, Germany

A-5 Icon Style Transformation Based on Generative Adversarial Networks
      Hongyi Yang, Xinyue Wang, ChengQi Xue, Xiaoying Yang, China

A-6 Coughing-based Recognition of Covid-19 with Learnable Embedding-Position Transformer Networks
      Tianhao Yan, China

A-7 Analysis of Cargo Boards In The System Intermodal Transportation
      Zhaken Kuanyshbayev, Kazakhstan

A-8 Modeling and operationalization of user progress performance for adaptive assistance
      Alexander Streicher, Germany

A-9 Modeling the discrete activity of a human operator in automated control systems
      Evgeniy Lavrov, Svetlana Vakal, Olga LAVROVA, Ukraine

A-10 Kinect Sensor- based Laban Movement Analysis Motion Recognition Model Development
      Sung Hee Hong, South Korea

Efficient KD tree collision detection based on linear motion
      Tan Koinuma, Munehiro Takimoto, Japan


SESSION B Poster Demonstration Session

Thursday, February 20  [14:00 - 16:30] (EST)

B-1 Quantum Based Brain-Computer Interface Performance Analysis for Next-Generation Metaverse
      Janne heilala, Finland

B-2 Artificial intelligence solutions in Parkinson therapy
      Anika Thurmann, Kerstin Prof. Dr. Bilda, Fiona Dörr, Germany

B-3 Correlational Analysis Between Work Absenteeism and Aspects of Human Behavior
      Luis Gabriel Gutiérrez, María Alexandra Malagón Torrez, Jaime Alonso Tobón Gaviria, Colombia

B-4 Human-computer collaboration in a high precision environment: exceeding performance and reciprocal learning
      Toni Waefler, Philipp Renggli, Stefan Suessmaier, Lukas Weiss, Switzerland

B-5 Clustering Analysis of Visited Places in the City based on Social media data: The Case of Daejeon in South Korea
      Mi Chang, Gibbeum Lee, Sueun Jung, Ji-Hyun Lee, South Korea

B-6 Virtual interactive design of yacht cabins
      Xiaoli Liu, China

B-7 Background Color Attributes Contribute to the Perception Bias of Yellow and Amber
      Yanhui Lai, Haiyan Wang, China

B-8 Design of "Du Chengpan" of Study Supplies in Ming and Qing
      Wang Yali, Liu Xinxiong, China

B-9 FNIRS-based Control of Lower Limb Exoskeleton Using Deep Network Learning
      Huma Hamid, Noman  Naseer, Hammad Nazeer, Pakistan


SESSION C Poster Demonstration Session

Thursday, February 213 [10:30 - 12:30] (EST)

C-1 User-Centered Design to Improve Usability of e-Learning System
      Gibbeum Lee, Mi Chang, Juhyun Lee, Joosun  Yum , Ji-Hyun Lee, South Korea

C-2 Improving User-centered Interface for Smart Mirror as a Product-Service System Design
      Joosun  Yum , Juhyun Lee, Po Yan Lai, Ji-Hyun Lee, South Korea

C-3 Simulation of Three-person Cooperation - Effect of Mutual Beliefs on Team Performance
      Sumie Cho, Taro Kanno, Kazuo Furuta, Japan

C-4 Comparative color analysis of icons and logos
      Xiaoying Yang, Hongyi Yang, Xingsong Wang, China

C-5 Icon Similarity Algorithm Based on Skeleton Comparison
      Huang Shan, Haiyan Wang, ChengQi Xue, Xia Shuang, China

C-6 Comparative Study on Implicit Guidance in Game Design
      Ziyi Yu, Fang Liu, China